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Book Vimochan with Uma Bharti

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  1. Kameshwar Lall Dass says:

    In the year 1992 I had an opportunity to visit Maa Ambika Bhawani at Aami,Maharajganj,Saran,Bihar with my family.Although we have very little knowledge,only hearsay,we worshipped Goddess through local purohit to have Her Blessings.

    Thanks to Pundit Mishrajee I am enlightened.I believe through this site people will be able know more about Ambika Bhawani,Aami,Saran,Bihar.

  2. Alok jha says:

    With your dedication towards enlightenment of human being is always appreciated. May MA AMBE BHAWANI BLESS YOU WITH ALL OF YOURS DESIRE.

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